Nunnu video: kaksikud hoiavad imetades käest kinni

Nunnu video: kaksikud hoiavad imetades käest kinni

25. May 2020, 15:24 Emmede Klubi Emmede Klubi

Beebid on armsad. Väga armsad. Ühest armsast beebist armsam veel on vaid kaks beebit. Eriti kaksikud beebid, kes hoiavad teineteisel imetamise ajal käest kinni!

Lisaks armsale vaatepildile kirjeldab kaksikute ema Becky piltide all ka, kuidas kaksikute tandemimetamine nende peres kulgenud on.


(Tandem nursing post 3/3) . ✳️ How long did it take me to be able to feed them by myself (without my husbands help)? The triple feeding I mentioned before made this really tricky bc I would nurse then one would fall asleep so I would hand that baby to my husband to try and wake her up, then I had to get my pump set up and bottle feed them so it definitely needed extra hands. Just tandem feeding them - I got the hang after a few feeds - you just really have to set up everything beforehand to do it solo. . . ✳️ Am I able to tandem nurse when I’m out? Well now that we are quarantined I don’t have this issue 😂. But before that, yes I was. However, I would have to bring the nursing pillow (@mybrestfriend ) with me because it’s near impossible for me to tandem without it and I don’t like nursing the babies separately because it’s too time consuming. . . ✳️ What is your tandem nursing routine, latching, positioning, switching sides? I always use football holds. I get both babies (unlatched) on the pillow first. In the beginning I would latch the harder to latch baby (Avery) first bc you really need both hands. Then the other baby. Now I can latch them at the same time. I don’t switch sides during a feed but I DO switch sides every feed bc I have one side that produces more. . . Tandem nursing definitely seems daunting in the beginning but it’s a huge time saver once you get it down! I hope this answered some questions and feel free to ask anything if I didn’t answer it here. Hope this helps!

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Teist sama nunnu on ka video kaksikutest, kes kohe pärast siia ilma sündimist teineteise käe järgi haarasid: 


(For licensing and usage, contact : 06/01/18 Our babies where born ❤️🌟 Sister reaching over for her sisters hand 💕🌟 • • Friday 6/01/18 12:45PM I was finishing my quick arm workout at the gym 🤔. 2:00PM Doctors appointment to check the babies growth 👩🏻‍⚕️. 4:00PM Per Doctor I am being admitted into the hospital since I am already dilated & my water could break at any second The doctor had felt one of the babies foot during my exam 😂. I wasn’t allowed to go home or to get anything else or eat/drink anything from this point on. 4:30PM I call the hubby letting him know the babies will be arriving tonight 😳. 5:00-8:00pm Time is flying, I am being monitored for contractions, I am calling my parents & asking the nurse 100 questions. 8:00PM I meet the doctors & the team that will be delivering the babies. 9:00pm Babies are here 🌎 • • Everything turned out great, babies came out healthy, as crazy as all of this was I remained calm through the entire process & was never in any severe pain. I believe everything happens for a reason and everything just fell into place. Even though this wasn’t my original birth plan, I am thankful for how things turned out 🙏❤️ #usmcbaby #sandiegotwins #twinbirth #twinbelly #twincsection #twinmomlife #moditwins #twinsholdinghands #moditwinpregnancy #twinbellybump #identicalbabies #identicalsisters

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