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Air conditioners - for optimal indoor microclimate

Air conditioners are a device designed to maintain a comfortable climate in a room. In the hot season, they are used to reduce the air temperature in the room. Models with the option of a warm nose can also heat the air during the cold season. Air conditioners are available for industrial and household purposes. Depending on the model, they can be inspired by air purification, humidification and ionization functions that increase its quality.

Foxtrot is your guide to finding reliable home appliances. Our catalog includes air conditioners for installation in an apartment, dome of honor, country house, office or other commercial property. We will choose the model, the polite service area, the necessary functionality.

Device type
By design type, the range includes mobile and under construction systems.

Split systems The
standard solution for your favorite living spaces, small offices, shops and studios. It is believed that wall mounting. The design includes an internal device with which you will replace, as well as an external one. The latter is mounted on the facades of the building. 

Key benefits:

high quality air filtration option;
enrichment and cooling works;
low noise level (when choosing models with inverter compressor);
maintenance of premises with a large area - more than 60 m2.
The devices require professional installation. The price of air conditioning depends on the functional and serviced area.

recuperators air conditioners for the apartment